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When your rights and personal interests are at stake, the lawyers at BBBF have the skills and knowledge necessary to protect those rights and interests. Disputes can arise for all different reasons, and we deal with a wide variety of issues involving litigation. Whether you feel you have been wronged or have suffered a loss, or you require a good defence, we will fight for you.

Both in an out of the courtroom, our lawyers are committed to your cause and will work towards achieving the best resolution possible for you. We have litigation experience in a number of areas including:

  • Breach of Contract

  • Will Disputes

  • Estate Litigation

  • Construction Lien Claims

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes

  • Land and Property Disputes

  • Commercial Disputes

  • Contractual Disputes

  • Debt Collection

  • Tort Litigation

  • Real Estate Litigation

  • Partnerships and Business Disputes

  • Injunctions

  • Insurance Disputes

  • Product Liability

  • Quasi-Criminal Defence

  • Highway Traffic Act Offences

  • Provincial Offences

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